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We combine the right mix of expertise in business consultancy and ability to grant a fresh perspective to answer your most complex issues.


We will help you translate strategy to execution and deliver an exceptional and well-coordinated business process through the meticulous guidance of our proficient management consultants and executive leadership coaches.

Lito Cornejo

Lito has held various senior leadership roles in sales, customer service, operations management and logistics, both locally and abroad. He is a bona fide trainer for effective communication and a certified EQ coach accredited by Kandidata Asia Singapore. He is also a certified coach affiliated with Borders Connect UK, a certified public speaker, and a facilitator for Lead Like Jesus.

Janet Webster

Janet is an accredited Thinking Environment Facilitator and Time to Think Coach. She was given a merit award in her diploma in coaching and mentoring from Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring UK. She now resides in the Philippines.

Pia Reyes-Cruz

Pia is a driven Human Resources and Organizational Development leader with 15 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  She is skilled in all areas of organizational development, particularly workplace learning, performance and competency  management, leadership development and career development. She is a certified Development  Dimensions International (DDI) facilitator.

Gerry Plana

Gerry is the CEO of Investors in People Philippines and has over 30 years experience in HR and organizational development. He has occupied top HR posts in various companies and acted as an HR consultant to more than 200 organizations in the country.

Boris Joaquin

Boris is a top-ranked public speaker and trainer for leadership and management programs. He is a registered Investors in People (UK) Specialist and the Master Trainer as well as National Representative for Lead Like Jesus (Designed by Ken Blanchard). He is currently the President and Chief Equipping Officer of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc.

Aggie Sarthou, Ph.D.

Aggie brings with her wealth of corporate and training experience on the disciplines of management, organization visioning, strategic planning, leadership, communication, people handling, and values.

Luigi Mapa

Luigi is a professional OD consultant and is currently the Chief Learning Engineer of Link Organizational Development (LinkOD). He has designed and implemented performance improvement initiatives for more than 60 local and foreign organizations. He is recognized for his talks and customized workshops on Leadership, Productivity, Innovation, Project Management, Teambuilding, and Strategic Planning. 

EJ Zara

EJ Zara is a professional executive coach who has designed and delivered high-powered globally accredited development trainings and coaching. He has been tapped for his expertise in organizational strategic management and planning. EJ is known for his trainings on leadership, team-building, communication and operations management. He has extensive knowledge in different fields in organization psychology such as Experimental and Social Psychology 


Michelle Joaquin serves as Consultant for Learning and Development with Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy.

Her passion for developing people first found expression when she worked as Teacher Training Coordinator for the Greenhills Christian Fellowship Christian Education Ministry from 1993-1998. As such, she was able to develop curriculum, train and mentor Sunday school teachers.

Michelle Joaquin
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