One of the greatest challenges facing leaders today is the need to develop new business models that emphasize authentic and altruistic leadership, employee wellbeing, and social responsibility - without sacrificing revenue growth. Many organizations are experimenting with various sustainable business strategies that emphasize our version of the triple bottom line: purpose, people and profit.

Our Framework

We at Breakthrough Leadership have designed a paradigm with the purpose of creating and building an intrinsically motivated learning organization for our clients that maximizes the triple bottom line of purpose, people and profit.

Breakthrough Leadership programs tap into the fundamental needs of both leader and follower for whole person development through purpose and belongingness. In so doing, we hope to create vision and value congruence within the individual, the empowered team, and the organization, ultimately fostering higher levels of employee well-being, organizational commitment, financial performance, and social responsibility.

What makes a Breakthrough Leader?

Breakthrough Leaders have the ability to inspire vision and bring out the best values and excellence in their people and mobilize these toward sustainable and generational growth, without having to control, manipulate or dominate their people.

When you see a backyard family business become a million-peso company in a few years, excel at innovation and build next generation leaders who will see to the growth of the organization through the years, you can almost expect a breakthrough leader behind the movement.

Breakthrough leaders are motivated by a sense of calling. While most corporate leaders are driven to success, breakthrough leaders feel called to the purpose for which their organizations exist. They know that their leadership is more than positional authority with the mandate to make money. They are committed to their purpose.

Breakthrough leaders feel that their vision and mission have been given to them as a trust. As a result, they are intentional in pursuing the corporate vision and mission. In fact, their total lifestyle embodies and represents their total commitment to the vision so that they think, live, breathe and communicate the vision. They personify the vision now even if they knows that it would take years for it to be realized. They seek to achieve goals now and walk the talk, seeking to bring what can be into what is.

Breakthrough leaders are not just a visionary; these leaders feel called to the greater good. This goes beyond any man-made purpose statement that is self-serving. They hold themselves accountable to a Higher Being and the very people affected by their leadership. Their sense of calling and accountability are embedded in their belief that what they and their organization are pursuing ultimately benefits society as a whole. As such, breakthrough leaders inspire and enjoin their people to do the same.

Breakthrough leaders have competence. Motivated to bring their vision of the future into the present, breakthrough leaders tirelessly work to bring to make this happen now. As such, they sets high standards of competence and bring complete dedication to their field. They know that to lead people forward, they should set even higher standards for themselves. Never satisfied with past accomplishments, they demand much more from themselves because they know that they cannot demand something from their people what they themselves cannot do. For them, good is never good enough. This way of thinking drives the company’s future growth.

Aside from raising standards of performance, breakthrough leaders are armed with people skills. They know how to impact their people as an organization and coach a person on an individual basis, as the need arises. They lead, manage, and coach and know when to shift from one mode to next depending on the situation.

Breakthrough leaders have good character. As members of a larger community, they value people and have developed very strong people skills. Because of this, they desire to understand and appreciate the community they belong to. They know that they can only get better and live more meaningful lives if they can clearly identify with a larger group of individuals who have the same motivations and aspirations. As they take the time to understand the needs of their people, they can provide them with the support they require to press ahead, to deal with the challenges or issues that might be holding them back from achieving their goals. And by doing so, leaders can build a sense of trust from their people, thereby strengthening the relationships they have and consequently leading to better collaboration and improved productivity.

Breakthrough leaders are not watchtower generals who lead from a high distance. They are in the frontlines, confronting real problems in real time. They know that they cannot “lead” if they stay behind their people. Their authority does not emanate from their titles or positions, but through their ability to have a hands-on understanding of what it’s like to be in their field.

Lastly, breakthrough leaders multiply the number of leaders in their organizations. They are self-assured enough not to be threatened by the growth of the people who work for them. They know that the success of their people is also a part of their own success and that the organization’s success was made possible because of their leadership.

People whose lives are full - who are motivated by a clear sense of purpose, defined by good character and inspired to excel- are the secret behind an organization’s success. To put it simply, people who are motivated and molded by purpose will bring in the profit. The key to exceptional business is exceptional people, and to build the business, you must build the people. That’s what breakthrough leadership is all about.


To become the authority in providing and developing learning resources that transform people into breakthrough leaders.


Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. is a corporate learning and development company that creates world-class learning solutions grounded on the local landscape that enable trainers and learners to achieve breakthroughs at work and in life, paving the way to accomplishing the organization's purpose, advancing their people, and attaining profit.


We are EFFECTIVE in achieving the organization's purpose. We engineer the intentions of the business into reality. Our actions inspire people in the present and impact people in the future

We are ETHICAL. Our level of personal mastery allows us to employ the espoused values, and effectively motivate others towards fulfilling the organization's mission.

We are EXCELLENT in all our endeavors in order to perform, to deliver profit. Knowing that our contribution impacts an organization, we look for best practices and success models and apply them to the current business landscape.