The MERIT Profile measures a person's attitudes, beliefs, and commitments through ten character competencies through ten character competencies found to be important for both organizational and personal success. Generated from a skillfully constructed 60-item survey, providing a picture of an individual’s present character and behavioral DNA and comes in two reports:

  • Recruitment Report (6-pages)
  • Employee Development Report (13-page)

The MERIT Individual Assessment looks at a person's dominance, extroversion, patience and conformity-behavioral traits that help organizations understand and relate the attributes of individuals and teams to your business needs.

The MERIT Team Dynamics assesses how well an individual aligns with a group, as well as how the group dynamics impacts the team's productivity. It takes into account the unseen forces that operate in a team, which strongly influence how its members engage, react, behave, perform, and communicate with each other and with the rest of the organization.

The Human Capital Scan, an independent assessment taken anonymously by a select group in an organization, measures the company's health in terms of managing its human capital. It exposes areas of development in engineering a healthy and productive working environment and enables your leadership team to begin a healthy dialogue and collaboration around establishing, developing, and sustaining a win-win organizational culture.

Investors in People provides a best practice people management standard, offering accreditation to organizations that adhere to the Investors in People framework. Our President and Chief Equipping Officer, Boris Joaquin, is an Investors in People Specialist and can help facilitate assessment services to support your organizations in improving and transforming performance by using the Investors in People Framework. Read More.


Maximizing Workforce Contribution: The Importance of Personal Leadership Effectiveness™

While every organization faces external challenges beyond their control, some of the most frustrating and costly challenges are occurring under our own roof. These include issues related to turnover, disengaged employees, poor leadership, burnout, employee conflict, ethics violations, and employee theft. All of these issues have one thing in common…People.

However, those organizations that can recruit, develop, engage, and retain people with a high degree of skill in leading and governing themselves well and to their full potential, will have the greatest advantage. This advantage will be the direct result of these higher performing individuals having the ability to create effective working teams, resulting in an overall high-performing organizational culture. We refer to this skill of leading or governing oneself well and to full potential as Personal Leadership Effectiveness, or PLE.


Business Consulting. We offer consulting services for organizations wishing to improve their people management and learning and development processes. We collaborate with our clients to bring together different people, skills and tools to co-create and come up with the innovations that will be embraced by all levels of the company and their customers.

Executive Coaching. Through Executive Coaching, we provide a supportive working partnership that benefits executives, managers and organizations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus. Our seasoned coaches create robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships, which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and techniques.

Training Programs. With over a hundred seminar and workshop programs, our learning provider, Salt & Light Ventures is able to provide a fruitful learning experience on the topics of leadership, management, organizational development, creative and strategic thinking and more. For the complete list of training programs, please click here.