Lead Like Jesus is a leadership model that transforms you and those you influence. Its proven methodology is based on the model of Jesus, focusing on heart-centered, transformative leadership that equips leaders to effectively impact their own spheres of influence. Lead Like Jesus teaches those who run other ministries, businesses, schools, families, churches, or nonprofits, so that God is glorified.

Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy supports The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in the Philippines. GLS serves 7,000 member churches, representing more than 90 denominations and training leaders in 85 countries. Over the course of a year 15,000 churches engage with our vision, training, and resources.

Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy holds the Makati offsite classes of the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL). IGSL is an accredited graduate-level school in Manila, Philippines with a mission to help build up leaders for movements of transformation in Asia and other parts of the world.